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About us

0° Growth was founded in the UK in 2015 and is a certified B company; It is a new type of enterprise that balances business and environment. Recognized by 0° Growth for its contributions to the environment and infant growth and sleep.

Scientific growth and sleep of baby

By joining hands with St Mary Hospital of the United Kingdom (the hospital once gave birth to four members of the British royal family), 0 ° Growth brand has conducted the product research and development on SIDS, oblique head deformity, spinal growth and development problems, etc. according to the clinical data of infants and children aged 0-3 years in the past. Furthermore, in the two clinical cycles, a total of 12 months, there were 572 neonatal use reports to ensure the effectiveness of the product.

100% organic non-toxic baby mattress

The 0 ° Growth brand baby mattress is organic certified and non-toxic, including the organic cotton, organic wool, organic plant sponge and organic kapok fiber which are all certified by GOLS. In fact, our product series have all passed the organic certification of GOTS and are completely powered by renewable energy. Most products have won the gold medal of green guard and manufacturing safety certification.

Service advantage

We give children from 0 to 14 years of continuous protection and different stages of redemption services

About Us

Established in UK in 2015, 0 ° Growth brand is registered as B company, which is a new enterprise that balances business and environment. Based on its contribution to environmental protection and infant growth and sleep, the 0 ° Growth brand has been recognized by many institutions. At the same time, Company B is a community composed of leaders, which promotes a global humanistic movement and regards business as a force towards kindness......

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